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Firstly, let’s clarify that 1×2, Match Odds, Win-Draw-Win and Moneyline tips are all the same things just with slightly different titles. It will normally depend where you are in the World, as to what you call the bet.

It’s the purest, most simple bet and was the first ever bet created for the sport of football. We simply have to identify the winner of the match or predict a tie.

Most of the below relates to football betting but obviously in other sports with the same range of outcomes, home win, away win and draw – 1×2 betting can be used.

Latest 1x2 Betting Tips

Where can I bet on the winner of a football match?


Is 1×2, Match Odds etc the most popular bet in football betting?

Absolutely, at the three bookies I’ve worked for over the last 10 years, over 75% of football bets were placed on this market.

What are the betting rules on 1×2, Match Odds bets?

Relatively simple, you predict the winner of the football match or a tie at the end of 90 minutes (including stoppage time added by the ref).

If a game is started but not finished for reasons such as adverse weather conditions or crowd trouble then the game will need to be completed within 24 hours for bets on that match to stand. This rapid rearrangement of the fixture is rare and therefor normally bets will be voided. So yes, even if your team was 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go, you won’t be paid as a winner as the other time could have turned it around.

Can I include 1×2 bets in accumulators?

Yes, football accumulators are particularly popular and traditionally that was always based on 1×2 results. Since mobile betting has become popular, punters are a little more creative and will often combine 1×2 picks with BTTS, First Goalscorers etc.

Which other sports offer 1×2 betting?

If you try hard enough you can find 3-way Match Result markets for almost any sport that can conceivably end in a draw. That being said, it won’t be the most common market in high scoring sports like Basketball, Rugby or Aussie Rules as it’s so unlikely. They would generally just offer a 2-way market without the draw.

If you ever bet into a 2-way market where the draw isn’t an option and the game ends in a draw, you don’t lose your bet. Your stake will be returned to you or at least it should!

Are there any offers or bonuses for 1×2 betting?

Generally speaking you would expect to see less bonuses around for 1×2 bets due to the market being one of the lowest margin markets a bookie offers. Less money for the bookie at the end of the day = less they will give out in concessions. That being said, bookies understand how popular these bets are and will often tie promos into the 1×2 result of a football match.

An example could be the Paddy Power and Bet365 2-Up promo they run. Fairly sure that Paddy brought this one out first and 365 copied. If you bet a team in the 1×2 market and they go 2 goals ahead at any point in the match, you get paid out. No matter even if they go on and lose the match, you are paid in full. It’s a decent offer and one that should be used provided those betting sites are offering the best odds available on your bet.

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