American Football Betting Tips

We consult several different sources in trading rooms, that greatly helps our American Football Betting Tips results. One of our contributors works primarily with the NFL while another is more involved with college football.

Bets advised on American Football are normally posted on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. The majority of the matches are of course played on Sunday but we try to have most of our bets made in advance.

American Football is being shown more than ever before in the UK. Both television coverage and live games in England are proving extremely popular. Betting on the NFL is on the rise with turnover growing yearly at most bookmakers.

Latest American Football Betting Tips

NFL Betting Tips

The vast majority of the bets we advise will be NFL Betting Tips. There will be college football tips too but the NFL tips will likely account for 80% of our American Football Betting Tips.

Our predominant focus will be on moneyline, spread and total bets. On some occasions we may suggest 1st Half bets or prop bets.

NFL Predictions

Making NFL predictions pay is no mean feat. If betting into the standard American markets at 10/11 or -110 as the Yanks write it, you need to hit 52.4% to break even.

That means if always staking the same amount and at odds of 10/11, you will need to hit a 52.5% winrate to profit.

European betting sites tend to deviate from the traditional 10/11 – 10/11 on both sides of the spread or total and will adjust the numbers throughout the week.

Superbowl Tips

There is an absolute plethora of Superbowl Tips out there online. Plenty of gamblers will bet on the Superbowl winner before the season begins. Some will wait for the Playoffs to begin and most will simply bet on the day of the event itself.

You can expect to have over 400 different betting markets to choose from when Superbowl LIV 2020 takes place. Most of them will be crazy prop bets but the fact that sportsbooks make so many, should work to our advantage. There is a far bigger likelihood they make a mistake and leave some value for us to seize upon.

NFL Tips

The simplest type of NFL Tip is Moneyline Betting. Here you are betting on the Winner of a given match. As NFL games are highly unlikely to end in draws, Moneyline bets are normally 2-way bets. You select Team A or Team B to win, if you want to bet the draw you can normally find a 3-way market on most betting sites. That outcome is very rare though and not many gamblers bet into the 3-way Match Result market.

American Football Bets – The Spread

Betting the spread is the most popular bet to make as far as Football bets go. The spread is a handicap, just like in any other sport. In NFL, the spread is an amount of points that the favourite must give up and therefor the underdog receive. At the end of the match, the scores will then have the spread applied and after that new score is calculated, the winner of the bet can be determined.

American Football Tips – Totals

The popularity of Football Tips on totals is extremely high. A simple bet that is the 2nd most popular in NFL betting. The bookies set a line for the total points in a game, the bettor then chooses whether to bet Over or Under that line. In NFL you will generally see those numbers between 40 and 50. In terrible weather you may see the line set below 40 points and when two high scoring teams meet, you will see lines set over 50 points.

American Football Props

Betting on American Football Props has become more popular over the last decade. More sportsbooks and betting sites are offering a greater selection of Player Props bets. For example, a player prop for a QB will be generally based on his Passing Yards. For a Running Back it’ll be based on his Rushing Yards. There is a line set and you are able to bet Over or Under.


A popular bet among casual NFL gamblers is a bet on who will score the first touchdown in a game. Normally called First Touchdown Scorer tips. We are unlikely to offer up any tips in this betting market, it’s a high margin market for the sportsbooks and betting sites. First Touchdown Scorer bets are pretty self-explanatory, you predict which player will score the game’s first touchdown.

There is also touchdown betting relating to the time one will be scored. 1st Quarter Touchdown, 1st Half Touchdown are both 2-way betting markets where you choose either Yes or No. Obviously you can bet the same for 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters and the 2nd half.

You can even bet on how a touchdown will arrive in the NFL. Whether it will come from a TD pass, rushing, a punt return or an interception.

NFL Half-time

In a world where people want everything faster, First Half NFL Bets appeal to many. In most cases for gamblers it’s because they don’t have to wait the best part of 3 hours to get paid out. Some sharp bettors can find value in first half bets too. The typical tips you would expect to see in First Half NFL Betting are; First Half Moneyline, First Half Spread and First Half Total.

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