Boxing Betting Tips

Boxing Betting is getting bigger and bigger amongst the mainstream and also for betting purposes. Fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua are household names now and their fights draw massive attention globally.

Betting on boxing is nothing new and has been going on in some form since cavemen were trading punches. The amount of different boxing betting markets available now is the highest it’s ever been.

Bookmakers can often be slow to react to moves on boxing and don’t have that many traders looking at the product. This naturally will allow us to catch a few value bets over the year while they are sleeping, so to speak.

Latest Boxing Betting Tips

Boxing Bets

The range of boxing bets available at bookies and betting sites is getting bigger by the year. Not just the traditional Fight Winner anymore, you can wager on what round a fighter will win in? Commonly listed as Round Betting on betting sites. Whether he will he win with a knock-out or decision? That’s normally referred to as Method of Victory.

Boxing Tips

We provide Boxing Tips throughout the year at Green Room. Not exclusively for the top title fights but wherever a value bet arises. There have been some good opportunities over the last few years regarding sharp bets on boxing.

Mayweather McGregor Fight

Famously there was the Mayweather McGregor fight in which arguably the best boxer ever took on the loud Irishman McGregor who plies his trade in a different combat sport altogether. There were several good judges who suggested ‘Money’ Mayweather should have been 1/20 to win the bout. Bookies struggled to price it up though and the amount of public money on McGregor allowed sharp punters to get odds of 2/5 on the elite boxer to win.

Joshua Fights

The most popular boxer out of England is Anthony Joshua currently and Joshua fights are massively hyped particularly on Sky Sports. He has been going off very short odds to win the fight so the average bettor tends to bet on which round Joshua will win. This gives them an interest and they can normally get at least 6/1 on their bet.

Tyson Fury

The enigma that is Tyson Fury gathers massive interest and support from boxing fans. Inside the ring and outside of it he sells papers. As a boxer he is massively feared and his fights see massive amounts of turnover at the bookies. Betting on Tyson Fury has paid off for punters and there will be plenty of people betting him to beat Joshua should that fight ever actually happen.

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