Football Betting Tips

Football Betting Tips are the most sought after betting tips globally. That’s because football is the most popular sport to bet on worldwide, by a stretch. That means there are more people betting on it, across a bigger number of countries than any other.

The World Game is definitely that when it comes to betting. From Ghana to Guernsey, Rome to Rio, most men between the age of 18-30 want football betting tips and to make a bet. That may be as inconspicuous as an entry into a World Cup sweepstake at work or it could be a guy who carefully plots spread bets on the amount of Bookings Points in a particular Scottish Premiership match.

The betting markets on the top European leagues are very efficient and it’s not easy to beat them. However, that is where most money is bet because people enjoy watching players they know on television, carrying their hard earned. Rather than some U21 Czech lads on a school field in the rain. Although that suits some as it’s on late morning early afternoon, so those needing a punt can get action.

Below you will find a list of the most popular football betting markets with explanations, some niche ones you may not have heard of and also plenty of free tips and advice. This list took a while for one poor bastard at Green Room Towers to put together, we hope you will agree – it was worth it.

Latest Football Betting Tips

Football Betting

To learn more about football betting, let’s begin with explaining different types of bets. These FAQs should help give you a grounding into bets on football.

What is a 1×2 bet?

Firstly, 1×2 bets and Match Odds, Win-Draw-Win & Moneyline bets are all the same things just with slightly different titles. It will normally depend where you are in the World, as to what you call the bet. It’s the purest, most simple bet and was the first ever bet created for the sport of football. We simply have to identify the winner of the match or predict a tie.

Where can I bet on the winner of a football match?


Is 1X2, Match Odds etc the most popular bet in football betting?

Absolutely, at the three bookies I’ve worked for over the last 10 years, over 75% of football bets were placed on this market.

What are the betting rules on 1X2, Match Odds bets?

Relatively simple, you predict the winner of the football match or a tie at the end of 90 minutes (including stoppage time added by the ref).

If a game is started but not finished for reasons such as adverse weather conditions or crowd trouble then the game will need to be completed within 24 hours for bets on that match to stand. This rapid rearrangement of the fixture is rare and therefor normally bets will be voided. So yes, even if your team was 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go, you won’t be paid as a winner as the other time could have turned it around.

Can I include 1X2 bets in accumulators?

Yes, football accumulators are particularly popular and traditionally that was always based on 1X2 results. Since mobile betting has become popular, punters are a little more creative and will often combine 1×2 picks with BTTS, Total Goals etc.

What is Over/Under betting?

Here we are choosing to bet over or under a particular goal line. The lines are normally set for the UK market at half goal intervals to create a 2-Way market. So you would expect to see lines of 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and so on.

How do you get 0.5/half a goal? What does that actually mean as you can’t score half a goal?

As mentioned above, the 0.5 goal on the betting lines are simply to create a 2-Way market. Making it a clear result, under or over. If you have a full goal line of 3 goals for example you would have a 3-Way market, under 3, over 3 and exactly 3. On Asian Lines, you would not have the exactly 3 option but would instead have your stake returned/pushed if the game ends with 3 goals.

Is a bet on under 0.5 goals the same thing as betting the 0-0 correct score?

Yes, it’s exactly the same thing but further down this piece you’ll see shrewd tip relating to No Goalscorer in the First Goalscorer betting market.

Popular Bets Over Time

What is Correct Score betting?

Correct Score betting is pretty self explanatory. You are predicting the final score of a football match.

Where can I bet on Correct Score?

All bookies will offer Correct Score betting, the exchanges almost always offer the best odds though on this market. Simply because the bookies add too much margin for each outcome, with the exchanges like Betfair and Matchbook you get much closer to a 100% book particularly if you ask for a price/put an order in.

Are there any Correct Scores I can’t bet on? What is Any Other Score?

Most bookies tailor their offer of correct scores to fit realistically in with the particular match. For example in a some football matches you may well see scores of 8-0 and 9-0 listed, such is the uncompetitive nature of certain leagues/tournaments. A good example of that would be when big National teams play the likes of San Marino.

So rather than list every possible score up to 14-13 for example for every match, the list of outcomes is condensed. Typically you may be offered all possible scorelines with one or both opponents scoring 4 goals. After that, for 5-0, 2-5, 5-5 etc you can expect to see those high scoring scorelines grouped into one outcome called Any Other Score.

What is Bore Draw Money Back refund? What markets does it apply to?

This was originally invented by Bet365 who decided that in the case of a 0-0 they would refund bets on certain markets. Those markets are Half Time/Full Time, Correct Score and Scorecasts. The concession doesn’t apply to bets that have been fully Cashed Out but will apply to the stake left after Partial Cash Out.

What is BTTS betting?

BTTS betting is a two-way betting market where you predict either Yes or No. It’s simply a bet on whether the two teams in a given match will both score at least one goal or not.
If you bet Yes, you need both teams to score at least one goal to win your bet.
If you bet No, you need at least one team to fail to score to win your bet.

Where can I bet Both Teams To Score?

Nowadays, you can bet like this with any sportsbook or high street bookie. Originally, it was a bet that shot to prominence in Betfred shops in the UK. The rest of the industry followed when seeing it’s popularity with gamblers.

Can I bet on BTTS accas?

Yes, naturally bookies will allow/encourage you to combine selections into big accumulators/multiples. If online you can pretty easily add them to your betslip and place a variety of different multiple bets; Trixies, Yankees, Canadians etc.

What should you look for in a Both Teams To Score bet?

If betting Yes, you are looking for teams blessed with attacking talent but a shaky defence. Leicester and Arsenal are teams delivering for BTTS punters so far this season.
If betting No, you want stubborn defences and/or teams with a lack of penetration up front. Newcastle under Rafa Benitez are very good at keeping things tight but also are poor in front of goal.

What are the typical odds in BTTS markets?

This is obviously unique for each individual match but it’s fair to say the bookies have the Yes selection as favourite more often than not. There will also be a little more margin added to that side of the market because they know the vast majority of gamblers will back Yes.

Why do most gamblers back Yes in Both Teams To Score?

This comes down to the human psychology of preferring to bet on something occurring and having that feeling of urging and cheering a team on to score. Rather than the different emotion you have when you get nervous whenever the ball goes near either goal. It’s exactly the same type of thing that sees people preferring to bet Over Total Goals, rather than Under.

Are there any other bets including BTTS?

Yes, there have been introductions over recent years of the BTTS & Team To Win, sometimes written Match Result & BTTS. There is also the less popular BTTS & Over/Under Betting.

What is a First Goalscorer bet?

As the name suggests, you are predicting which player will score the first goal in a given match.

Where can I bet on First Goalscorers?

Every sportsbook and high street bookie will offer First Goalscorer betting. Paddy Power are often quite sharp when pricing up this market so we advise avoiding them. Betfred offer enhanced promotions on certain games, Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven. If you correctly predict the first goalscorer and he goes on to score a second goal, they’ll double your winnings. If he scores a hat-trick, they will triple them.

Will I win if my chosen goalscorer scores the second goal of the game?

No, only in the situation where the first goal of the game was an own goal. When betting into any goalscorer markets, own goals are not counted.

What does betting on No Goalscorer mean?

You will win a No Goalscorer bet if the game ends 0-0 OR if the only goals in the game were credited as own goals.

Are there any good tips for First Goalscorer bets?

Try to avoid the favourite/player at the top of the market. They normally take up too much of the book and are rarely a value bet. Keep tabs on team news and listen to manager press conferences. Look for possible tactical changes that give certain players a better opportunity of finding advanced positions and matching up against inferior direct opponents.

Where should I get the latest team news?

Bet365 do a pretty good job of getting lineups quickly but generally speaking the official Twitter account of the relevant club is first out, normally 60 minutes before kick-off.

Do you often tip First Goalscorer bets at

No, it must be said that these markets carry a lot of margin for the bookie and hence finding value bets is particularly difficult. Bets into these markets are likely to come up once or twice a year only. Over the years we have had good success in the Premier League Top Scorer market though and will often advise tips there both Ante-post and throughout the season.

Free Football Tips

We only offer free football tips and will occassionally advise bets on some more obscure betting markets. See below for more football bets;

Half Time/Full Time

A bet on the result at Half Time of the match and Full Time. This bet is sometimes referred to as Double Result. For example, a bet on Draw/Draw would need scores to be level at both the interval and the final whistle. Where as Home Team/Away Team would need the hosts to be leading at HT but eventually lose the match at FT. There are 9 possible options in HT/FT bets listed here;
Home Team/Home Team
Home Team/Draw
Home Team/Away Team
Draw/Home Team
Draw/Away Team
Away Team/Away Team
Away Team/Draw
Away Team/Home Team

Double Chance

Here a bet is made on 2 of the 3 possible outcomes in the 1×2 bet market. If either of your selections occur, you win the bet. The options are normally listed with numbers representing the home (1) or away win (2), X denotes a draw;

Handicap Betting

There are 2 main types of handicap betting markets when it comes to football betting. They are called European Handicaps and Asian Handicaps. The latter is probably becoming more popular now, even in Europe. We are far more likely to advise bets on Asian lines as the bookmaker margins are much smaller.

European Handicap

A European Handicap bet on football sees a team either being given or giving a headstart effectively. The handicaps are based on whole numbers only, 1, 2, 3 etc. This is a 3-way betting market where there is the option for betting the home team or away team will win once the handicap is factored in or the game is a draw after it’s been factored in. For example, in a match like Chelsea home to Woking in the FA Cup.

Chelsea would be such short odds for the tie that it may not appeal for betting. Through the handicap market people can get bigger odds backing their opinion. That could be betting Chelsea with a -3 goal handicap and therefor need to win the game by 4 or more goals to land the bet.

Conversely, you may think that Woking will not have enough to win the match but can keep the score respectable. In that case you could bet Woking +3 goals. You will win your bet with any outcome where Woking don’t lose by more than 2 goals.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting also sees teams being given or giving a headstart. The difference from it’s European counterpart is the handicaps can be non-whole numbers. That includes quarter goal, half goal, three quarter goal and full goal handicaps.

Asian Handicaps are 2-way markets where pushes can occur. It’s sometimes difficult to understand these bets and not that simple to explain them despite having understood and bet them for years. 🙂

With full goal Asian Handicaps, it’s quite simple.
We bet Arsenal -1 Goal against Burnley.
If Arsenal win by more than a goal, the bet is a winner.
If Arsenal win by exactly 1 goal, the bet is a push (you get your stake back).
If Burnley draw or win the match, your bet is a loser.

When it comes to half goals, it’s also relatively straight forward.
We bet Arsenal -0.5 goals against Burnley.
If Arsenal win the match, the bet is a full winner. Because after Arsenal have won and the handicap is applied, Arsenal still have won the match by at least 0.5 goals.
If the match is a draw then the bet is a loser. Burnley would win with the handicap, by 0.5 goals.
If Burnley win the match outright, they didn’t even need the half goal start and obviously we lose our bet as we were taking Arsenal giving a start and they ended up needing it.

Quarter and three quarter goals are the most complicated but they are simply 2 bets. Your total stake is split in 2 equally over 2 different handicaps.
If betting -0.25 goals, you have half your stake on -0 goals and half on -0.5 goals. If betting +0.25 it’s just the opposite, +0 goals and +0.5 goals.
When taking -0.75 goals, your stake is split between -0.5 goals and -1 goal. With +0.75 goals, it’s +0.5 goal and +1 goal.
You can increase by whole goals upwards and then a bet on -1.25 goals for example would see half your stake on -1 goal and half on -1.5 goals.

A quarter goal example in practice could be a £100 bet on Arsenal to win -0.75 goals at odds of Evens (2.00).
If they win the game by more than 1 goal then both the -0.5 and -1 goal handicaps are covered, you win the whole bet.
If they win the game by exactly 1 goal then your bet on -0.5 has won, so half your stake (£50) was a winner at Evens, returning £100. Your bet on -1 has pushed, so that half of your stake (£50) will be returned to you. Your total profit would be £50.
If Arsenal fail to win the game, both your bets were losers.

BetVictor have had a long history in Asian Handicap betting. It was actually Tony Bloom who brought this style of betting to Victor Chandler when working with/for him. It was through Asian lines that Bloom, Chandler and a certain Harry Findlay reportedly won millions on the World Cup in 2018.

Bookings Points

Betting on Bookings Points is becoming more and more popular. Particularly since the introduction of same game accumulator bets. The same bet can sometimes be done in a market called Total Cards. It just depends really on which bookie you bet with on how they name the market. You are betting over or under a specific line, for a regular Premier League match that would normally be set between 30 and 40 points for Bookings Points or 3.5 cards in Total Cards markets.

Fairly standard across the board Bookings Points rules are as follows;
Yellow Card = 10pts
Red Card = 20pts
In cases where a player is on a yellow and receives a 2nd resulting in a red, the make-up will be 30pts.
Cards for players not taking part in the game (non-playing subs) will not be considered in settlement purposes.

Total Cards are settled with the following values;
Yellow Card = 1 Card
Red Card = 2 Cards
In cases where a player is on a yellow and receives a 2nd resulting in a red, the make-up will be 3 cards.
Cards for players not taking part in the game (non-playing subs) will not be considered in settlement purposes.

Total Corners

Total Corners betting is not hard to understand. A line is set and you must predict whether the total amount of corners in a game will be over/under that number. You can expect to see lines of 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 in the vast majority of top level football matches.

Some bookies will naturally offer Asian lines on corners too, that just gives the possibility of having full number lines 9, 10, 11 corners. If you bet over 10 corners and there are exactly 10, it’s a push.

One thing that comes up from time to time in corner betting is a corner awarded by the referee but not actually being taken by a player. This would happen if the corner was given just before the end of the first half or full time and the ref signals end of the half or match. Obviously that is rip your hair out stuff if you’ve bet overs.

Standing out with their impressive corner betting market selection are Bet365They have both regular and Asian lines, they offer corner handicaps and individual team corner markets too. The margins on their Asian corners lines are usually the best in the industry.

Football Accumulator

The popular football accumulator gets plenty of gamblers excited throughout the world. It’s used to potentially turn a small stake into a massive payout. We don’t advise big accumulators, we tip to win and not to have a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon down the pub. Boring maybe but the fact of the matter here is, we want you to beat the bookies. You won’t be doing that by taking 20 team accumulators and trying to turn £1 into a £1000.

There are some tips if you are going to indulge in the football accumulator, sometimes referred to as an acca, multi, combo or sometimes just as a coupon.

1) Don’t add teams to ensure the payout is over a certain landmark number

2) Ensure you are betting at the bookmaker with the best acca insurance. You want acca insurance paid back as cash (very rare nowadays) and with a minimum of 4 teams in the acca ideally. One of the best acca insurance bookies is Paddy Power as you only need 4 tips in the accumulator and they’ll refund up to £100 in the form of a free bet.

3) Check for bookies who will reward you with a free bet for placing an accumulator or certain number of them. William Hill do their Free Bet Every Week offer, if you stake £20 or more on accumulator bets in a week you’ll get a £5 free bet.

4) Don’t feel restricted to choosing only 1×2 bets, you can combine handicaps, double results, over/under goals etc


Champions League Bets

Throughout the qualification rounds, we try to avoid Champions League bets. The integrity of the tournament at that stage can definitely be questioned. There are occasions where we will get the word from a source who has some particularly interesting team news on a Slovakian side that hasn’t been factored into the odds yet. That is a good spot to get involved but to try and perform form analysis and compare these lesser known leagues is tricky.

The bookmakers and betting sites are more likely to make an error in pricing during qualification rounds though due to the fact that there isn’t as much information and accurate data available on teams from the more obscure football leagues in Europe. They accept their lack of knowledge at that stage though and have much lower limits for betting.

Champions League Winner Bets

The Champions League Winner Bets are some of the more popular outright betting markets in football. There are several reasons for this including the fact that it’s a very competitive betting market. The odds for the favourite each season would be at least 4/1, so it’s wide open in comparison to say the Bundesliga, Premier League or La Liga Outright betting.

Secondly, the quality of the football is incredible and that makes it desirable for TV viewers. People prefer to bet on players and managers they know plenty about. The ability to watch their bets unfold on TV is also a big attraction to gamblers. Bookmakers and betting sites will tend to accept pretty big bets on this market as towards the top end there is complete faith in the integrity of the teams.

Champions League Group Bets

Once the Champions League Group Bets begin, our interest increases. You can bet more at this stage of the competition due to the integrity levels increasing. Common bets at this stage of the competition are;

  • Group Winner – Bet on the eventual winner of the group. The bet is settled after each teams played one another home and away (6 games).
  • To Qualify – Bet on a team to qualify from the group. The top 2 teams will qualify for the knockout stages.
  • Straight Forecast – Bet on the teams to finish 1st and 2nd in the group in that exact order.
  • Dual Forecast – Bet on the teams finishing 1st and 2nd, you don’t need to get the order correct to win your bet.
  • To Finish Bottom – Bet on the team that will finish bottom of the group.

Champions League Last 16 Bets

Once the knock-out stages begin, Champions League Last 16 Bets have higher limits at the bookies. These matches are played over two legs, home and away. There aren’t any particularly different bets available during the Last 16 round besides the To Qualify market.

Champions League Quarter Final Bets

Integrity rock solid by the time the Champions League Quarter-final Bets are made. Once again, played over 2 legs. You can expect bookies to run plenty of promotions on these big televised games. Paddy Power are normally up there with the most generous bookies when it comes to Champions League betting offers.

Champions League Semi-final Bets

Very popular to bet on Champions League Semi-finals. Home and away for the chance to play in the Champions League final. Don’t bet these games without getting some serious concessions from the bookies, there will be lots so shop about.

Champions League Final Bets

Normally the game with the most action all year, Champions League Final Bets are big and plentiful. You can bet practically as much as you like on this monster match. Bookies limits are high, offers and promotions are generous as they compete for your business.

The game is a one-off event played in one of Europe’s very biggest stadiums. The match is watched globally and bar the World Cup it’s the most prestigious trophy to win as a player. Real Madrid have had a recent monopoly on the tournament and historically when it was called the European Cup they were also top dogs.

Premier League Betting

There is little doubt that Premier League Betting Tips are the most interesting for bettors. More money is bet on the league than any other globally. Watching and betting on the Prem is something that a huge number of young men in the UK do every week. Betting accumulators on Saturday’s Football is almost a part of growing up. The culture is less about getting value bet after bet but more having a bit of fun with your mates at the pub. We are highly unlikely to be giving acca tips here and prefer consistent profits over near misses on a 100/1 multi bet. Some of the most popular bets at the moment when it comes to Premier League Betting are the following;

  • 1×2 Bets – The classic, first ever football bet is the 1×2 Bet. Still popular today even with all the new, more complex bets offered at the bookmakers and betting sites.
  • Both Teams To Score Bets – Betting on Both Teams To Score has grown in popularity over the last few years and there are many other bets than combine with the BTTS. Match Result and BTTS, Over/Under 2.5 and BTTS and you’ll often find BTTS as part of suggested same game multis.
  • Over/Under Bets – Betting on over or under on a football match has been popular for many years. During those years, the Over has been bet far more than the under. Human psychology generally leads gamblers to bet on an occurrence rather than non-occurrence of a particular event.

Premier League Bets

There is little wonder why Premier League Bets are more common than other football bets out there. With the biggest TV audiences globally and being based in a country with a rich betting culture.

One of the biggest attractions for betting on the Prem is that the integrity of the competition is extremely high. This allows bookmakers and betting sites to have large bet limits. By doing so, they can bring in big bets as well as the smaller more common bets.

Placing Premier League Bets

Some betting sites will start offering bets on Premier League matches 3 weeks in advance. They will naturally come with smaller limits while there is less information available when compiling the odds.

The nature of betting early is you will often be able to make better value bets but will be able to bet less. That’s the trade off you make when betting early into lines.

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