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There are several different ways to make handicap bets on sports. We will explain the various different handicaps, how different sports use different types of handicap and provide answers to typical questions on Asian Handicaps.

A high percentage of tips we make will be handicap bets, particularly in Football Betting and Tennis Betting. The whole point of a handicap in sports is to try and level the playing field. That then creates betting markets with as close to 50% probability either outcome as possible.

Balanced 2-way markets are the most popular when it comes to betting. For example, most people prefer betting over 2.5 goals at 10/11 than over 0.5 goals at 1/10. So bookmakers naturally try to have as many appealing bets for customers as they can to encourage turnover.

Latest Handicap Betting Tips

Handicap Betting Football Tips

There are 2 main types of handicap markets when it comes to football betting. They are called European Handicaps and Asian Handicaps. The latter is probably becoming more popular now, even in Europe.

We are far more likely to advise bets on Asian lines as the bookmaker margins are much smaller. There can be handicap bets on the amounts on corners or cards a team may take in a match, we will cover that later. Predominantly though, handicap betting in football is based around goals.

European Handicap Betting Tips

A European Handicap bet on football sees a team either being given or giving a headstart effectively. The handicaps are based on whole numbers only, 1, 2, 3 etc. This is a 3-way betting market where there is the option for betting the home team or away team will win once the handicap is factored in or the game is a draw after it’s been factored in. For example, in a match like Chelsea home to Woking in the FA Cup. Chelsea would be such short odds for the tie that it may not appeal for betting. Through the handicap market people can get bigger odds backing their opinion. That could be betting Chelsea with a -3 goal handicap and therefor need to win the game by 4 or more goals to land the bet. Conversely, you may think that Woking will not have enough to win the match but can keep the score respectable. In that case you could bet Woking +3 goals. You will win your bet with any outcome where Woking don’t lose by more than 2 goals.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

Asian Handicap Betting Tips on football also see teams being given or giving a headstart. The difference from it’s European counterpart is the handicaps can be non-whole numbers. That includes quarter goal, half goal, three quarter goal and full goal handicaps.

Asian Handicaps are 2-way markets where pushes can occur. It’s sometimes difficult to understand these bets and not that simple to explain them despite having understood and bet them for years.

Full Goal Asian Handicaps
With full goal Asian Handicaps, it’s quite simple. We bet Arsenal -1 Goal against Burnley.

If Arsenal win by more than a goal, the bet is a winner.
If Arsenal win by exactly 1 goal, the bet is a push (you get your stake back).
If Burnley draw or win the match, your bet is a loser.

Half Goal Asian Handicaps
When it comes to half goals, it’s also relatively straight forward. We bet Arsenal -0.5 goals against Burnley.

If Arsenal win the match, the bet is a full winner. Because after Arsenal have won and the handicap is applied, Arsenal still have won the match by at least 0.5 goals.
If the match is a draw then the bet is a loser. Burnley would win with the handicap, by 0.5 goals.
If Burnley win the match outright, they didn’t even need the half goal start and obviously we lose our bet as we were taking Arsenal giving a start and they ended up needing it.

Quarter and Three Quarter Goal Handicaps
Quarter and three quarter goals are the most complicated but they are simply 2 bets. Your total stake is split in 2 equally over 2 different handicaps.

If betting -0.25 goals, you have half your stake on -0 goals and half on -0.5 goals. If betting +0.25 it’s just the opposite, +0 goals and +0.5 goals.

When taking -0.75 goals, your stake is split between -0.5 goals and -1 goal. With +0.75 goals, it’s +0.5 goal and +1 goal.

You can increase by whole goals upwards and then a bet on -1.25 goals for example would see half your stake on -1 goal and half on -1.5 goals.

A quarter goal example in practice could be a £100 bet on Arsenal to win -0.75 goals at odds of Evens (2.00).
If they win the game by more than 1 goal then both the -0.5 and -1 goal handicaps are covered, you win the whole bet.
If they win the game by exactly 1 goal then your bet on -0.5 has won, so half your stake (£50) was a winner at Evens, returning £100. Your bet on -1 has pushed, so that half of your stake (£50) will be returned to you. Your total profit would be £50.
If Arsenal fail to win the game, both your bets were losers.

Asian Handicap Betting Sites

BetVictor have had a long history in Asian Handicap betting and currently in our opinion are the best betting site for such bets. It was actually Tony Bloom who brought this style of betting to Victor Chandler when working with/for him. It was through Asian lines that Bloom, Chandler and a certain Harry Findlay reportedly won millions on the World Cup in 2018.ing at odds of 10/11 on over 2.5 goals in a football match than taking 1/10 about over 0.5 goals. This comes down to the human brain and their own, normally inaccurate risk v reward theory in their heads.

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