Lucky 15 Bet Tips

The most important Lucky 15 bet tip is make sure you are eligible for treble the odds for one winner and the biggest bonus for all correct. This is a must, only accepting double the odds one winner is just inexcusable. Without the very best bookmaker bonuses available, the Lucky 15 is ill-advised for serious gamblers. Even with the best concessions, it’s rare we will advise such a bet. Think of it like this, you have 15 bets across 4 selections but if your first horse loses, over half of the 15 bets have gone down.

Don’t ever use the Lucky 15 bet on anything bar horse racing, greyhounds and in rare circumstances, football betting. The reason being, you’ll generally not get ANY bonuses or concessions from bookmakers on other sports in a Lucky 15 bet.

Always be weary of the non-runner when placing Lucky 15 bets. In cases where there is a NR on your Lucky 15 bet you will not get any bonuses for one winner nor anything extra for having three winners with the NR.

Latest Lucky 15 Bet Tips

What is a Lucky 15?

The Lucky 15 is a very popular system bet. It’s used primarily in horse racing betting. Greyhound bettors would also use Lucky 15s.

How does a Lucky 15 bet work?

The Lucky 15 bet and it’s siblings, the Lucky 31 and 63 can be explained in the following way;

Lucky 15 – made up of 15 bets and requires 4 selections for the 4 singles, 6 possible doubles, 4 possible trebles and the 4 selections in an accumulator bet.

Here is an example with 4 horses;

13:15 Newcastle – Gravity Wave
13:45 Newcastle – Dommersen
14:15 Newcastle – Mr Scaramanga
14:45 Newcastle – Swiss Cross

Let’s give them numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

1 – Gravity Wave
2 – Dommersen
3 – Mr Scaramanga
4 – Swiss Cross

Here you can see the 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator in the Lucky 15.


1 + 2
1 + 3
1 + 4
2 + 3
2 + 4
3 + 4

1 + 2 + 3
1 + 2 + 4
1 + 3 + 4
2 + 3 + 4

1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Lucky 31 – made up of 31 bets and requires 5 selections for the 5 singles, 10 possible doubles and trebles, 5 possible 4-folds and the 5 selections in an accumulator bet.

Lucky 63 – made up of 63 bets and requires 6 selections for the 6 singles, 15 possible doubles, 20 possible trebles, 15 possible 4-folds, 6 possible 5-folds and the 6 selections in an accumulator bet.

Lucky 15 bet explained honestly

In essence, the Lucky 15 bet is there to entice customers to bet on multiple horses. Big potential wins for modest stakes and several different bookmaker bonuses if you bet this way.

You must remember though, the bookmakers and betting sites are there to take your money. Anything they encourage you to do is likely to be good for them, bad for you.

The best Lucky bet is the 15 simply because it’s less difficult to win from. The more selections you add, the more difficult it is to get them all correct obviously.

Why are Lucky 15, 31, 63 bets so popular?

These bets are particularly popular with horse racing (horse and greyhound) punters as that’s where you can receive the bonuses listed below.

The betting shops will often have plenty of the Lucky 15 bet slips about and actively encourage punters to place these bets – that should send off a warning in your head.

Whatever they want you to do, you probably shouldn’t! If you are going to indulge though, let’s at least make sure you get the best bonuses/concessions available.

Betfred and the Lucky 15

It was actually the Done Brothers, owners of the company BetfredThe brothers started operating in Manchester with one small betting shop and now have one of the biggest gambling firms in Europe.

Yes, the Lucky 15 came first and quickly the bigger brothers followed as the bookies naturally encouraged gamblers to try  and add more selections, ultimately losing more money.

Lucky 15 Betting Bonuses

One Winner Lucky 15 Bonus
Bonuses will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker but here is some general information on the bonus for one winner in a Lucky 15 bet.

Lucky 15 – Most bookies will double and some will treble odds for 1 winner from 4 selections with no non-runners included in the bet.
Lucky 31 – Here you can expect treble the odds and in Betfred‘s case quadruple odds for 1 winner from 5 selections with no non-runners included in the bet.
Lucky 63 – Here some bookmakers will multiply your odds by 5 on your sole winning pick from 5 selections with no non-runners included in the bet.

All Correct Lucky 15 Bonus
Once again, bookmakers will have their own terms but you should always expect to receive a % bonus on winnings for all 4 correct in a Lucky 15 bet.

Lucky 15 – 10% bonus
Lucky 31 – 20% bonus
Lucky 63 – 25% bonus which has always felt a little stingy to us.

Do you advise Lucky 15 bets at

No, we focus primarily on single bets rather than multiples like Lucky 15 bets. In some rare circumstances we may possibly advise an Each-way Lucky 15 horse racing bet with the best available bonuses and enhanced place terms all combined.

Any additional Lucky Bets information?

The above bonuses/concessions apply to horse racing, greyhounds and sometimes First Goalscorers in football betting but check the bookmaker T&Cs to be sure.

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