Nap of the Day

Our Nap of the Day tips are exclusively advised on horse racing. Only the premium racing betting tips will make it onto this section of the website. Our tips here will carry a minimum of a 2pt total stake and a maximum of 3pts. Here in the Green Room we base staking on a 100pt bank. We never advise betting over 3% of your bankroll on a single race.

The Nap of the Day could be on any horse racing bet that day. It could mean be an Each-way bet at Newcastle or it could be a win single at Cheltenham.

We do not post tips here every day, sometimes we may go a week without tipping a Nap of the Day. We don’t just tip for the hell of it. Other tipping sites don’t really care if they are providing real value bets to you or not. We always endeavour to provide a value avalanche for visitors.

Nap of the Day

Racing Nap of the Day

Our Racing Nap of the Day tips are the very best that Tony R and/or the Trading Room can find. There are several other sources who contribute information from within stables to our team, from there we dictate whether or not the bet is worthy of NOTD status.

Nap of the Day Tips

Not the first time we have told you this but when following the Nap of the Day tips, you must get the best odds available at the time and get Best Odds Guaranteed. Have as many bookmaker accounts as possible for placing bets. You should have as many reputable betting site accounts, betting exchange accounts and ideally live near a highstreet bookie or two.

Nap of the Day Bets

Following our Nap of the Day bets will give you an extremely high likelihood of profiting over the year. There may not be many bets but rest assured you are getting value and therefor over the long run, you should finish in front.

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