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Green Room Bet Profitability Report Week 47


Many sites that claim to be offering good tips and information will refuse to display their profitability. We embrace the opportunity to show off our track record.

As you probably already know, we advise stakes based on a 100 point betting bank. So whether you bet £2 or £3 a bet (£100 bank) or £200/300 (£10000) bank doesn’t matter. We will never advise betting more than 3% of your bank.

Long Term Profits

Our aim is to make followers long term profits. Anyone can land a nice tip on any given day, even have a great week or month without actually being long term profitable to follow. Over a sample of over 250 bets, you should be able to deem whether a site/tipster can make money or not. The exception to that would be if they bet multiples at massive odds and have spiked one which could lead to a somewhat misleading set of results.

Make A Second Income

With our tips and advice, you can make a second income. A few thousand extra a year when tax-free is not to be sniffed at. For those betting £100+ a point, that is absolutely realistic.

Some will enjoy just having a bit of extra beer money each month and that is a very real ambition by following our tips, even to £10 a point.

Professional Sports Betting

Taking the plunge and choosing professional sports betting as a vocation is a huge decision. It needs to be well thought out and have the glitz and glamour you see in movies well and truly removed.

The truth is, less than 1% of the world’s gamblers can make it pay to a level that would constitute being a professional sports bettor. That level for this argument’s sake is to make as much betting on sports over a year as the minimum salary in the country the bettor resides in.

You are highly likely to have to put in more hours a week than anyone else you know. To come out on top against the bookies is extremely hard work. With our tips though you have a profitable long term money making strategy.

That strategy alone isn’t enough to make a comfortable living though. You need extremely good discipline, time management and emotional stability. There will be times when you are tested mentally but you need to stick the staking plan, stick to the tips and not waver.

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