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The world of Snooker betting is somewhat a niche. The sport can be described that way too in truth. However, what niches give are extremely loyal followers. It takes dedication to get up in the wee hours to watch a tournament in China, far more so than keeping an eye on Match of the Day on a Saturday night.

It’s the fact that snooker betting is a niche, that should excite bettors. Bookies take less money on snooker than most sports, that means they dedicate less resources to it. What does mean for bettors? More opportunity to exploit the odds and make value bets.

Most bookmakers will have one person looking after snooker, maybe two. It’s even possible that the trader isn’t solely designated to trade snooker. That means with a group of ex-professionals and semi-professionals, traders and avid followers can beat them and secure long-term profits.

Latest Snooker Betting Tips

Snooker Betting

As part of our Snooker Betting tips, we will preview, cover extensively and provide tips for all Triple Crown events. They are of course the UK Championship, The Masters and the World Championship.

Other tournaments including the Champion of Champions, the Home Nations Opens and China Masters will all be covered with betting predictions and advice.

There will be snooker betting tips throughout the year to coincide with the tour season.

Snooker Tips

We provide Snooker Tips on many different betting markets. Match Winner, Total Frames and Handicap Frames are the most popular traditional betting markets in Snooker.

We will however advise bets into the sub-markets such as Total Centuries, Correct Score and various Spread Betting markets if a value opportunity presents itself.

Here is a more comprehensive list of snooker betting markets we may suggest tips for with explanations;

Match Winner – Simple as it says on the tin, 2-way betting market on the result of the match.

Total Frames – An Over/Under bet on the amount of frames played in a match.

Handicap Frames – A bet on which player will win the match with a set handicap of frames applied.

Total Centuries – An Over/Under bet on the amount of centuries made by either player in a match.

Correct Score – A bet on the exact frames score at the end of a match.

First Colour Potted – A bet on the first colour potted in a given frame. This does not include reds.

First Ball Potted – Simple here, predict the first player to pot a ball in the match or more typically bet into is for individual frames. Any pot here that doesn’t result in a foul will count here.

First 4 Frames Score – A bet on the frames score after the first four are played in a match. Options are Player A 4-0, Player A 3-1, Draw 2-2, Player B 4-0 or Player B 3-1.

Highest Break Scorer – Simply bet on the player who you think will make the highest break in the match. Can be 2-way or 3-way market so if they make the same high break, your stake will be returned in a 2-way. If 3-way then you are given a chance to back the draw which is normally 33/1+ but should be plenty bigger.

Frame Winner – Predict which player will win a particular frame. Will normally be marked Frame 1 Winner, Frame 2 Winner, etc.

Odd/Even Frames – Betting on whether the total amount of frames played in the match will be an Odd number on an Even number.

50+ Break? – Betting here is specific to a given frame and it’s a Yes/No decision. Will there or won’t there be a break of 50 or more in the frame.

Century Break? – Same concept as above with 50+ Break? market but here it’s whether a century break (100+) will happen in a frame.

Will There Be A Foul? – Always based on a particular frame, you bet on whether or not a foul will be called by referee on either player.

Will There Be A 147? – This would normally be a market for a particular match rather than frame, given the rarity of the 147. There is also the ability to bet on Will There Be A 147? for a whole tournament. Never gets old watching Ronnie’s gem of a 147, the fastest ever in a tournament back in 1997.

Snooker World Championship Betting

Without doubt, the most popular tips are on Snooker World Championship Betting. Held in Sheffield, England and normally starting back end of April and culminates early May.

Bonuses and promos in snooker betting are not particularly common but when the World Championship comes around, that changes. The most common concessions you may find are on the Outright Winner market. Typically it’s ”Money Back if Ronnie Wins” on Outright bets struck before the tournament begins.

We also see a promotion where you receive a refund of your stake as a free bet if your player loses in final frame decider. Coral are a firm who likes to offer such refunds. Given the tournament is played over a much longer format than most tournaments, it’s not the most generous offer. If their odds are the market top though, it’s worth placing your bet there.

Snooker Outright Odds

We try to provide several bets in the Snooker Outright Odds markets. Provided there is a value bet available of course. Normally there will be a selection for the tournament winner, name the finalists and we have consistently made money backing against 147s in a tournament. So unless bookmakers adjust that market, we will continue to take advantage.

Here you can find our Outright Betting Tips for previous tournaments;

The Masters 2019
Total ROI = 11.5%

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