Trixie Bet Tips

A Trixie Bet are commonly used in betting across various sports. The betting system is a simple one with only 3 selections needed. It’s made up of 4 bets, the three possible double bets and all 3 selections in a treble bet.

The most common sport you would make a Trixie bet in is horse racing. Secondary would be greyhound racing and then following that it would be the other sports in order of popularity.

In football betting, we can make a rather big generalisation. Punters will bet singles or bigger accumulators. They tend to miss out doubles and trebles and instead plump for 5-folds upwards which often come with acca insurance bonuses.

Latest Trixie Bet Tips

What is a Trixie bet?

A betting system used to combine bets on three tips at once. You need at least two winning tips to guarantee a return though as it’s just 3 doubles and a treble covered, no single bets.

How does a Trixie bet work?

For the Trixie bet you need 3 tips. See the example here;

12:30 Lingfield – Mr Andros
13:00 Lingfield – Caspian Prince
13:30 Lingfield – Caspar The Cub

Let’s give them numbers, 1, 2 and 3.

1 – Mr Andros
2 – Caspian Prince
3 – Caspar The Cub

Here you can see the Trixie features the three doubles and a treble;


1 + 2
1 + 3
2 + 3


1 + 2 + 3

Trixie bet explained honestly

It’s not a downright silly idea to bet Trixies. If your tips are all value bets then you aren’t doing any actual damage to your bank long-term.

What you are doing though by using any multiple selection betting systems is increasing the variance at which you will collect. You may have to wait longer for your returns as it’s harder to land two or three tips in the same bet than landing a single bet.

Are there any bonuses for one winner in a Trixie bet?

No, the trixie doesn’t come with any bookmaker bonuses for one winner.

Is there a  bonus for getting all tips correct in a Trixie bet?

No, there aren’t any bonuses or concessions for getting a Trixie up.

Do you advise Trixie bets at

As a rule we try to advise single bets mostly. On some occassions you will see us suggest a Trixie bet, some of our tipsters more than others.

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